Authentic Hotel Branding, Not Just A Buzzword w/ Deanna Ting

Authentic Hotel Branding, Not Just A Buzzword w/ Deanna Ting

Authentic Hotel Branding, Not Just A Buzzword w/ Deanna Ting

Do you ever find yourself staying in a hotel in a new city (or maybe one you’ve been to before), and everything about the hotel is so generic that you have no concept of where you are? Maybe the hotel looks the
exact same as the one in Detroit, or Toronto, or London or Sydney. Each city is unique and exciting with a lot to show off, shouldn’t the hotels branding reflect that?

Deanna Ting is the associate editor of Skift, the largest travel industry intelligence platform, providing media, insights, and marketing to key sectors of the travel industry. Personally, Deanna reports on all things hospitality from hotels and hostels to short term rentals and B&Bs, and today she shares some of her insights into what hotels are doing right, and what many are doing wrong when it comes to digital marketing.

The good news is that many boutique hotels, and even some large chains are breaking out of the monotony that often defines hotels and are finding new ways to reach audiences and grow their brand. Many though seem to be pursuing new marketing avenues too ambitiously, spreading themselves thin and missing out on the people they should be reaching.

What’s the best hotel experience you’ve had? What made it so special? Get at us in the comments!

In this episode:

– What hotels should be doing to connect with their potential visitors
– What content a hotel brand video needs to include to capture the attention of viewers
– How story relates to authenticity when conveying brand


“So many brands are really transforming themselves into the publisher of content but at the same time I wonder if that’s the right way for them to be telling these stories and if it’s as effective, if there’s a good enough ROI for that, as opposed to working with a more experienced media partner that can help them tell their story a little bit better.” [12:24]

“You have to bring back more humanity into travel, and I think that’s something that’s been missing for some time. But I think more brands are starting to realize that they can do that, and that they have the ability to bring it back. [21:47]


Hilton’s Stop Clicking Around
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