Become A Plus One Communicator w/ Jason McCullough

Become A Plus One Communicator w/ Jason McCullough

“Most people can talk. Most people can verbally connect some words together and string them into something that resembles a sentence. Very few people can communicate so effectively that people are drawn to them.” [24:15]

It’s true, I know for myself at least that (as you’ll hear in the episode) I struggle to communicate as clearly and effectively as I would like. Part of that is the filler words we all use, but truly great communication is about a lot more than that. It’s listening, the way you approach interpersonal situations, and the giving and receiving that takes place within a conversation.

Jason McCullough is a presenter, teacher, and above all, an expert communicator. As he reveals in this episode however, it wasn’t something that he was just born with as we might tend to think. Like any other skill, communication can be learned and perfected over time, which is what Jason wants to help you do through his website Plus One.

We all care so much about the work that we do. We know that we have the vision and talent to do great things for our clients and customers, but oftentimes our passion and skill hits a bottleneck when it comes to communicating what we do to those around us. It doesn’t have to be this way though.

How do you feel about your own communication skills? Have you ever made a concerted effort to improve on those skills? If so what worked and what didn’t? Leave a comment below!

In this episode:
– Jason shares some small, actionable tips that can help you communicate better today
– Embracing what comes naturally to you, owning it, and building upon it
– How filler words water down your message, and how to start cutting down on them
– The difference between checking off your talking points, and communicating effectively


“There is a place for everybody somewhere to just be who they are and be confident and great at however large or however small their role is in a particular business or organization. Just be you, and if it’s a great fit, perfect. If not, that’s ok.” [10:56]

“People aren’t buying the service, they’re buying you.” [14:07]


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