Is Your Brand In Alignment? How To Fix It w/ Brian Lischer of Ignyte

Is Your Brand In Alignment? How To Fix It w/ Brian Lischer of Ignyte

Is Your Brand In Alignment? How To Fix It w/ Brian Fischer of Ignyte

Brands are a lot like people. The companies and organizations we own or work for all have values, beliefs, and aspirations that they attempt to live up to every day. Sometimes however, our brands begin to drift away from those stated values and the resulting gap is perceived by our clients and customers as an inauthentic brand.

Brain Lischer is the founder of Ignyte, a branding agency whose sole focus is on helping drifting brands achieve alignment and authenticity. With a background in psychology, and a deep curiosity in understanding how and why people make decisions and perceive brands in certain ways, Brian and his team dive into the process of helping clients rebrand with academic level research and strategy.

After coming to the realization years ago that he himself was living an inauthentic life, Brian has dedicated his life to understanding authenticity through the lens of branding and perception, and is here today to share his insights with us.

Many of the benefits of branding are hard to measure, but they are also much farther reaching than we might think. Whether or not you’re happy with where your brand is at right now, Brian will help you evaluate it in an objective manner and determine if your brand – and you – are living authentically.

Have you or your company ever undertaken a rebranding process? If so, what were some of the benefits? Leave a comment below!

In this episode:

– Some of the fears that keep companies from diving into a rebrand, even when they are in desperate need of one
– Why your branding and marketing efforts have little to do with your preferences and everything to do with your customers
– How and why one well-known brand slipped from authenticity to inauthenticity and what they need to do to get back
– Why you pretty much need a third party to help with your rebrand


“What differentiates us from the other agencies is how deep we go into research and strategy. We have a PhD researcher on our team, so we’re doing academic grade qualitative and quantitative research, but through the lens of a branding agency.” [14:08]

“Without the research you’re just taking a guess at what people like and don’t like” [20:39]

“If companies can figure out who they are and design an identity, and behave in certain ways in the marketplace that’s congruent with who they are, then no one can compete with them. That doesn’t mean that they get all the business. It actually means that they get the right business for them.” [37:10]




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