Exploring The Entrepreneurial Hero’s Journey w/ Preston True

Exploring The Entrepreneurial Hero’s Journey w/ Preston True

Exploring The Entrepreneurial Hero's Journey w/ Preston True

In 1949 author and mythologist Joseph Campbell introduced the concept of The Hero’s Journey to the world. It was originally conceived as a framework that myths and stories the world overall seemed to fit into, but as Preston True shares with us today, it’s a framework that also seems to apply to just about every entrepreneur today.

For the past 12 years, Preston has been helping entrepreneurs and businesses clarify their vision, execute with precision and create more functional and cohesive teams through his business True Point Advisors. It was during one of the tough times that we all go through as entrepreneurs that he was introduced to The Hero’s Journey, and realized that the struggles he was going through were all part of – and necessary to – the process.

Preston helps identify the steps we, as heroes need to take to emerge triumphant in Act 3 of the journey, from facing down the dragons we are sure to face, to seeking out mentors, and ultimately passing on the knowledge we have gained to others.

Do you recall the glimpse into another reality that set you off on your own journey as an entrepreneur? Who were some of the mentors that you met along the way, and what did they teach you? Leave a comment below!

In this episode:

– How Acts one, two and three correlate to the world of entrepreneurship and business
– What you should look for in an ideal (even Yoda-like) mentor
– The value in identifying what you’re trying to achieve with a potential project before committing to a medium, and how an outside consultant can help you gain insight into this.


“If there are heros in my life, there are so many people who run businesses, entrepreneurs for whom if I mentioned names, most people would not recognize them at all, but they are absolute heros on this journey having some great success, but that success didn’t come because they popped their couple of bucks in the vending machine and pushed the right button.” [20:29]

“Business, life, it’s a marathon, it’s the journey, it’s the process. What did you learn along the way and how did you change and how did you grow and how did you overcome challenges.” [21:19]


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