Focusing On Your Strengths To Innovate & Implement Change w/ Greg Heist

Focusing On Your Strengths To Innovate & Implement Change w/ Greg Heist

Something I struggle with at times in business is committing to focus my energy on the things that I’m really, truly good at, and letting other people handle the things that I’m not. It’s easy to get pulled into the mindset of thinking “well I should be more like this…” or “I should be good at that…”, “all entrepreneurs need to do this…” and so on.

Greg Heist is the Chief Innovation Officer at Gongos, Inc., a decision intelligence company that partners with Global 1000 corporations to help build the capability and competency in making great consumer-minded decisions. It has grown from five people when he and a few partners started the company 25 years ago, to now employing 130 people. Greg shares how playing to his strengths helps him spread a culture of innovation and forward thinking throughout the company, as well as how to implement organizational change as a business grows, matures, and shifts its focus.

Greg is also the co-host of The Future Stir Podcast, an absolutely awesome podcast focusing on the future of society, technology, intelligence, and retail. Ever wondered what the future of drones will look like? Maybe you’re curious why vinyl records are making a comeback? If you like thinking about topics such as these, you should definitely check out The Future Stir.

We all have our strengths and weaknesses, there’s no changing that. But where we choose to focus our limited resources can have huge effects on what we’re able to create and produce. How do you decide where your energy is best spent? What are some of the skills you are strongest at? Leave a comment below!

In this episode

– How empathy for your clients and customers can make all the difference in the service you deliver to them. And why it’s not always easy to cultivate.
– The power of authenticity in branding and marketing. Maybe the best representative of your organization’s culture is not management, but rather a ground level employee.
– Drilling deeper into your client’s desires and motivations behind a project so that you can go above and beyond
– Focussing on motivating the individuals to bring about large-scale organizational change.


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