Grow Your Business Big. Very Big w/ Jon Dwoskin

Grow Your Business Big. Very Big w/ Jon Dwoskin

Grow Your Business Big. Very Big w/ Jon Dwoskin

“I think you’ll do great in college, but I think you’ll learn a lot more from these tapes and people like Brian Tracy than you will college.” [11:00]

That was the advice Jon Dwoskin’s father gave him before heading to college, after giving him a set of tapes by Brian Tracy called The Psychology of Success. (Yes, tapes. For a walkman. I remember mine as well, I know it dates me.)

Jon turned that advice, and a voracious appetite for learning into a hugely successful career. To start with he co-founded and grew an internet company that ultimately got bought out by a big Silicon Valley company. He then became the top selling agent at the largest investment real estate firm in the country before taking over an office for that company just before the ‘08 crash, and then turning it into the most profitable office in the company in the ensuing years.

These days Jon helps successful but stuck business owners and C-level execs find a way to grow their businesses, and grow them big, through his company, The Jon Dwoskin Experience. Somehow, on top of all of this he manages to find a way to produce an insane amount of content including a podcast, videos, blog posts, e-books, and more.

As you can tell, Jon knows how to get things done, and he shares some tips on what you can do today to move your business forward, as well as what’s working for him in promoting and marketing his own business.

As I mention to Jon in the episode, he’s in a good business, as I know from experience that running a business is hard, and unforeseen obstacles pop up almost daily. There seems to be a never ending stream of problems to solve and tasks that need to get done. What are some of the tasks you can’t seem to find time to get done? What’s holding you back from growing your business at this point? Leave a comment, we’d love to hear from you!


In this episode:

– The life changing experience that forced Jon to reassess his priorities and focus his energies
– Why taking executive time every day might be the most important thing you can do for your business
– How video has been one of the biggest contributors to Jon’s brand
– One simple and actionable practice that you can do today to help you take a huge leap forward with your business this year



“You have to assume that three years from now your business is going to be out of business. The disruptors in today’s business world are so life changing and business changing.” [19:31]

“Doing small things on a daily basis which make a big impact over time. Which is how I define thinking big.” [34:55]



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