How (and Why) to Think About Your Personal Brand w/ Cal Cagno

How (and Why) to Think About Your Personal Brand w/ Cal Cagno

TCP 018: How (and Why) to Think About Your Personal Brand w/ Cal Cagno

For many of us, the word brand is something that we associate more with large companies than with our one person solopreneur companies. If we’re employed by another company, big or small, we might not think of our own personal brand at all.

The thing is that we all have a brand, and when it comes time to move on from whatever it is that we’re currently doing, we take that brand with us and it influences our future outcomes.

If you live in or around Detroit, you’re probably already familiar with Cal Cagno. You may have seen him on a billboard on I-75, throwing out the first pitch at a Tigers game, or more likely, heard him on the radio at some point over the past 18 years. For business reasons beyond his control however, Cal is out of a job and taking the brand that he’s built up over the past two decades into uncharted territory.

Cal joins us today to talk about why he’s excited about the new opportunities that lay ahead, and how he built up, protects, and expands his brand.

Do you consciously consider your personal brand when making decisions in your career and life? Do you think having a more focused brand would open up new opportunities or allow you to excel beyond your current limits? Let us know in the comments!


In this episode:

– The importance of knowing what your brand is, and where its boundaries lie
– The practical, real life difference between being a doer vs a sayer
– Understanding the difference between your brand being “bad” and certain people just not “getting it”
– How to think about your professional decisions in the context of your brand.



“The thing you learn after working at a company for a long time is that you can kind of get complacent as well. I don’t know that I was being challenged by the end, like I think in the end that this is going to be a good thing.” [13:35]

“When it comes to any product or anything that you’re branding, it has to be a direct reflection of you.” [16:09]

“You always gotta protect your brand. Oftentimes as success starts to come, more and more people want a piece of it, and more and more people want to sell it, and more and more people want to have a say in what happens. The problem is when it’s all said and done, you’re the one who’s name is on it. You’re the one who needs to protect your brand.” [18:14]

“If people like it and it sells, you can’t really argue with that.” [20:15]

“If you change what you’re all about for one thing and it’s phony, people will see through it. You can’t be fake, people will see it, I really believe that. [21:57]



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