Finding Partners To Bring Your Story To Life w/ Jeremy Enns

Finding Partners To Bring Your Story To Life w/ Jeremy Enns

Finding Partners To Bring Your Story To Life w/ Jeremy Enns

If you’ve been listening for a while, you probably think like I’m some kind of incredibly gifted orator who never flubs a word or goes off on a tangent. Ok, I jest, I’ve been known to do both of those from time to time (per episode), but I’m ok with that because that’s who I am and is part of my story, and my storytelling style.

That said, there are a lot of mistakes and awkward pauses in the making of any podcast that don’t advance the story or narrative, or are just plain distracting to you, the listener. Today’s guest is Jeremy Enns, the guy who makes me sound as good as I do on this podcast as our editor and sound engineer.

Jeremy is the Storyteller in Chief of Ascetic Productions, a company that provides podcast consultation, management, and post-production to brands, entrepreneurs, and storytellers who are looking to grow their audience through authentic storytelling. He’s an avid traveler, and runs his business from around the world (in the UK at the time of this recording), and is always looking to tell stories through a variety of mediums including audio, photography, and blogging.

Starting this show was something I was really passionate about doing, but I found the post production daunting and it was putting me off from actually starting in the first place. Sometimes you just need an expert who can do what they do best, to free you up to focus on what you do best.

Do you have any tasks in your business or life that you’ve realized weren’t worth the time for you to do them? Maybe you’ve thought about podcasting before but like me were intimidated by everything that goes into the production? Let us know in the comments!

* As he mentioned in the show, over the next few weeks Jeremy is giving away a copy of one book per week of the books that impacted him the most in the past year. You can sign up to enter the weekly contests here!*

In this episode:

– How Jeremy was able to turn an existing but dormant skill into a location independent business
– Where we see the future of marketing and storytelling going
– The power of authenticity in your branding, even if that means turning off some potential clients


“I can probably honestly say that I wouldn’t be living this lifestyle if I hadn’t reached out and asked people for help.” [18:23]

“We fear opening up and showing who we are, but just look at the most podcast ever probably, This American Life. It’s all about people opening up and sharing their stories, and people love it. People crave it.” [44:50]


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Jeremy Enns
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If you like authenticity in branding, check out Jeremy’s friend Kelly’s design website. It’s a treat.
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