How Being Vulnerable Can Help Your Story Connect w/ April Fallon of Adoption Now

How Being Vulnerable Can Help Your Story Connect w/ April Fallon of Adoption Now

How Being Vulnerable Can Help Your Story Connect w/ April Fallon of Adoption Now

Ok, so I’ma give you a heads up: this episode is a bit different from our usual episodes. Brace yourselves, it doesn’t have anything to do with video production.


I know, I know, but, But, BUT! It does have a whole heck of a lot to do with storytelling, and isn’t that the whole reason why most of us got into video production in the first place? We talk a lot about storytelling as it relates to video production on this show typically, but this show is going to be all about how storytelling relates to people. Which is something we should always be keeping in the back of our minds as filmmakers, videographers, and storytellers.

April Fallon is the founder of Adoption Now, a Denver based non-profit as well as weekly radio and podcast series that has been broadcast to over 10 millions listeners worldwide. On the show April tells the stories of individuals who have been through the adoption process in one way or another. From children, adoptive parents, birth mothers and more, these stories hit close to home for many of us, and as you might imagine, are incredibly powerful.

I know most of us have chosen video as our primary storytelling medium, but there’s a lot we can learn as filmmakers from other means of conveying a story. What’s more, the components that make for a well told, engaging story often bridge the methods of presentation. What other storytelling mediums influence the way you work? Do you yourself use a variety of methods to tell your stories? Let us know in the comments!

In this episode:

– The impact that April’s style of storytelling has had on people in the adoption community and beyond
– Some of the pitfalls of focusing on the end result rather than the process, whether that be in an adoption process, a creative project, or well… life.
– The secret to telling good, real, and authentic stories that people connect to


“If you’re not called to do it, it will eat you alive. Adoption is very, very difficult. But it’s easier when not only are you called, but it’s so deeply in your heart, you’re so passionate about it that it becomes a natural thing.” [9:41]

“I think [you need to go] through the journey and not focus on money, and not even the end result. But you really take day to day and you say ok right now, what am I learning. Because those things that you learn, you can’t put a price on that.” [18:20]


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