At Tell Studios, we show the world what you’re made of

We are storytellers at heart; we’re also video producers, filmmakers, and editors by trade; and marketers, project managers, and communicators in practice.

Who We Are

It’s hard to find a video company that excels through the entire process – creative ideas that capture the heart of what you do, strong filming and production, the marketing know-how to get results, and the project management skills to get the job done on time and on budget.

But that’s exactly what our team can do for you. We have been in the video industry for 13 years, and we have a proven process that digs deep to find your brand’s stories – stories that engage your audience and show the world that you’re a leader in your field.

We pride ourselves on strong communication and professionalism, and deliver a finished product that will engage, entertain, and inspire your audience to become your biggest fans.

Our Process

We have a proven process to find your brand story, and deliver an amazing video that fits your vision and purpose. We’ll communicate with you every step of the way and handle all the details. Here’s what you can expect:


At Tell Studios, our mission is to help businesses connect with their audience in a meaningful way, and inspire others with their message.

We believe the best way to inspire, capture attention, and motivate audiences is through story. So we tell the stories of the people behind the brand, the customers, and who the customers could be.

We consider our business a success when we’re able to capture the story and heart of your brand, and share what your brand is doing to change the world.


Don’t take yourself too seriously
Have fun. Period.
Celebrate and encourage others


Be passionate
Be fully engaged
Pursue growth opportunities for you and the company


Choose positivity
Treat others the way you want to be treated
Seek to know what is good and do it

merge with

Epic Motion was launched in 2005, after a year of dabbling in video while I (Ryan) worked at Rochester College.

In 2012, we launched “Tell” as a sister company to Epic Motion. Epic Motion became the brand that told personal stories, and Tell focused on brand stories.

In 2017, we felt it was time to simplify our approach. We would continue telling meaningful stories, with a more focused approach to help businesses.

The heart behind what we do hasn’t changed. We care deeply about people, celebrating life, sharing passions, and moving audiences with our films. Whether we are capturing a big life event or helping businesses grow, we love working with people who have incredible and powerful stories to tell.

It was very hard to say “goodbye” to Epic Motion, but I’ll always be thankful for the journey and the role that Epic Motion played along the way.


The Team

Ryan Koral

Founder + Chief Strategy Guide

With over fifteen years as a documentary filmmaker and business owner, Ryan LOVES building partnerships with clients and telling authentic stories that inspire action and help grow businesses. He’s a husband of sixteen years (and his wife still loves him – seriously!), a proud dad of three kids, and a dog owner (Ruby!!). When not coming up with big ideas, you can usually find him laughing or enjoying a cup of coffee (hopefully not both at the same time).

Fun Fact: Best Dad-Joke-Teller in his house.

Tyler Sharette

Director of Operations

With a degree from Hillsdale College and 9 years of diverse professional experience, Tyler is a humble master at cultivating strong relationships and providing strategic planning and program development expertise. He has a passion for bringing people together, and a desire to push for solutions that have the best outcome for everyone. Tyler enjoys spending time with his wife and dog, loves camping, watching movies, playing sports, and renovating his home. Oh, and coffee, all of the coffee.

Fun Fact: Tyler received the “Always Smiling In The Outfield” award when he played center field for the Clarkston High School baseball team.

John Azoni

Filmmaker + Chief Story Guide

As Filmmaker and Chief Story Guide at Tell Studios, John wears a lot of creative hats. He gets to consult with our clients on their videos, helping them hone their messaging for maximum impact, which he loves doing. He also directs, shoots and edits many of the projects that come through our door. He and his wife have two gorgeous daughters and a black lab, and love vacations to Northern Michigan.

Fun fact: John was the lead singer and guitarist in a punk band in high school. He had spiked dyed-blond hair and a single pierced ear. Very cool at the time.

Carolyn Mrowczynski

Project Manager

Carolyn recently stepped into the Project Manager role, where she gets to work closely with clients, ensure that the team is meeting their deadlines and keeping projects organized. She graduated from Oakland University with a degree in Communications and has a background in sports TV production. Carolyn loves being back in Michigan after living in Connecticut for four years.  She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her favorite part of working at Tell Studios is the work ethic that everyone shares and the positive energy.

Fun Fact: Carolyn celebrated the 2006 Detroit Tigers going to the World Series on the field with the players and still freelance produces sports television for Fox Sports 1, ESPN and CBS.

Andrew Olszewski

Filmmaker + Story Guide

Graduating summa cum laude from DePaul University in Chicago, Andrew is overjoyed to be back in his home state working for Tell Studios. He loves being part of a team that comes to work each day excited to create stories that impact others. He enjoys long walks with his dog, and playing all of the sports…all of them. If you’re looking for someone with the blandest taste in food, he’s your guy, but that can’t be said about his filmmaking. He loves crafting stories for clients but also experimenting with the medium of film.

Fun Fact: Andrew has an extensive knowledge of shoes, and a nice collection too.

Grant McClure

Filmmaker + Story Guide

Grant graduated from Specs Howard School of Media Arts. He is happily married and has 5 beautiful children.  Besides being a husband and father, Grant enjoys playing and watching sports, drinking coffee, building things, running, and eating. A lot of eating. His dream job is to create inspiring video content with people he loves at a place he loves going to. Sounds like he is already living out his dream!

Fun Fact: Grant loves to sing! He sang bass II in the “Rochester College A Cappella Chorus” and did vocal percussion (beat-boxing) in a small vocal ensemble called “Autumn” in college. He is now part of the “Rochester College Alumni Chorus”.


How To Create Videos That Help You Influence Your Audience Using Story

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