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The Client's Needs

ACI specializes in certification and education for many different fields related to the concrete industry. Like many of our clients, they first approached us for a very specific project. They needed an animated explainer video for one of their products.

As we worked with them on this project, we learned they have many products and services they need to explain to their audience in a clear, concise way.

They also needed videos that would explain the benefits of membership in ACI, and promote some of their initiatives.

The Process

After that first successful explainer video, we conducted a Storyline Workshop at ACI, with all of their key stakeholders and marketing team. This way we could take a deep dive into their needs, and determine the best strategy to meet their goals.

The goal for their next video was to increase memberships in their organization, so we created a strategy:

We would put together a video that would reach viewers on an emotional level – something that would re-affirm why they chose this career path, inspire them with what’s possible in the concrete industry, and would be a video they’d be moved to share with their peers.

Next, we worked to uncover ACI’s key stories that would help them connect with the viewer and reach this goal. Through this process, we also developed ideas and strategies for future videos.

The clients left the Storyline Workshop with their whole team on the same page regarding the next video idea, and how to accomplish it. At many workplaces, this process can take several months, and dozens of meetings, to wrestle through without the workshop.

We also took the client input, along with some additional research, and sent the client a complete Creative Treatment, or detailed roadmap for their next successful video.


We went on to film and produce ACI’s membership video (shown above), along with many more videos for them, and our relationship has continued to grow as we’ve become closer partners. They now have several key video tools to promote membership and explain their products to clients and potential clients.

The videos range from informative, to emotive and inspiring, to educational, based on the needs their company has. These videos bring awareness to the services they offer and also strengthen the connections they have with their members and customers.

Next Steps

Currently, we are helping ACI map out a strategy for an entire year’s worth of content that will meet the various marketing goals they have, and simplify the process to create this content.

With a deep understanding of their overarching vision, we are able to create consistent and effective videos that continue to position ACI as a leader in their industry.


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