What You Need To Know About Creating Compelling Content In 2018 w/ DJ Hurula

What You Need To Know About Creating Compelling Content In 2018 w/ DJ Hurula

Tell Crossroads Podcast 025: What You Need To Know About Creating Compelling Content In 2018 w/ DJ Hurula

With new technology always emerging, and more and more content constantly being published, we content creators have to stay on top of the shifting and evolving media landscape. It’s important for us to be willing and able to take risks and innovate, and tell compelling and interesting stories with what we’re putting out into the world.

DJ Hurula is the founder of ONE Brand Studio, a multi-discipline creative branding agency that serves cause-driven organizations. He’s very passionate about helping businesses clarify their message and audience in order to lay the strongest foundation for powerful content creation later.

Today we reflect on what 2017 taught us as content creators, as well as where content is headed in 2018. We talk about what it takes for content to be compelling, and DJ breaks it down into 4 elements. We also talk about the role of trust in our client relationships, and how foundational that is to be able to take risks with your content.

What do you see on the horizons for content creation in 2018? What takeaways do you have from 2017? Let us know in the comments below!


In this episode:

  • DJ’s takeaways from 2017 and reflections on the amount of content out there
  • What’s important for content creation in 2018
  • The 4 things that make content compelling
  • How to build trust with your clients to allow you to take risks on creative projects



Make it compelling, it’s not enough to just make stuff anymore. We really need to make stuff that moves people. (15:07)

The ability to take risks ultimately comes from a place of trust. (23:02)

A way to self-assess where you’re at on the [trust] continuum… is how early you’re brought in. The earlier you’re brought in, the higher degree of trust. (26:25)



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