How To Discover Your (And Your Brand’s) Unique Voice w/ Steve Wiens

How To Discover Your (And Your Brand’s) Unique Voice w/ Steve Wiens

For so many of us who are creating anything, one of the biggest challenges we face when starting out is finding our voice. Whether we’re writing a book, a blog recording a podcast, or writing copy for our business’ website, we all want to convey who we are – whether as an individual or brand – but often don’t know where to start.

Steve Wiens is an author, podcaster, speaker and founder & pastor of Genesis Covenant Church. Needless to say, he’s had plenty of opportunity to discover and hone his voice, but it didn’t come easily.

In fact, he left his first pastoring job and undertook a five-year journey of finding himself – and his voice – facing depression along the way before finally discovering what he wanted his message to be, and how he needed to present it in order to be true to himself.

We cover Steve’s experience with developing that voice, his insights on book publishing and marketing, how to build a launch team and engage others in helping you reach your goals, aaaaand we spend some time talking about the mullets we used to have in days gone by.

What have you done to develop your unique voice? Are there any exercises that you’ve found useful? When did you find that it finally clicked for you?


In this episode:

  • How to present yourself and your brand authentically in a way that encourages engagement
  • Why we need to become comfortable sharing both our successes and our struggles with our audiences
  • How to put together a successful launch team
  • The power of asking for help from others



Steve Wiens Website
Genesis Covenant Church
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