What is Your Unique Why And Why Does It Matter? w/ Don Lee Of OptiGear

What is Your Unique Why And Why Does It Matter? w/ Don Lee Of OptiGear

So you’ve been working at the same job for years but lately, you’ve been feeling that it’s just not a great fit. Maybe it’s never been a great fit. Either way, you know there’s more that you could be offering the world, but you just don’t know what, or where to even begin.

Don Lee has over 25 years of experience as a C-level executive for midsize and large companies working at companies across 5 different industries. Despite all of his success however, Don recently made the decision to strike out on his own in pursuit of a calling that more deeply reflected his Why.

He’s now the Founder and Managing Partner of OptiGear where he partners with businesses struggling to connect the dots and helps them optimize their strategy. He also leads IMPACT3, a social enterprise impact fund with a goal of helping entrepreneurs in under-resourced communities.

Don and I cover a lot in today’s conversation, but it all seems to tie back to knowing who you are as a person and being guided by your Why. So often we think of those struggling with these decisions as recent college grads trying to decide what’s next. As Don exemplifies however, many of us will face these types of career forks and decisions many times throughout our lives.

Knowing what we want out of life and our work, and knowing what we want to give back can help us make the decisions that will bring us the most fulfillment and ultimately abundance in our lives.

What is your why? How is that reflected in what you do? Let us know in the comments!


In this episode:

– Don’s advice for where to begin discovering your why
– How a clear and concise business plan can take the stress out of business
– Why a mentor or coach may be the best investment you ever make, especially as you climb the ranks in your career
– The importance of establishing accountability for yourself


“It gets lonely at the top, and you think you have to bear all because you don’t want to be transparent with your employees because they’d freak out. I think the opposite. I think sharing on the vision and sharing on the plan empowers people.” [10:46]

“Your companies mirror you. And so the why really tells a lot about you, it tells a lot about where you want to go.” [17:00]



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Traction by Gino Wickman
Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman
Start With Why by Simon Sinek

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